Using only long-term & natural modalities

We help you live a healthy, pain-free, and active life

We treat the root causes of pain,
not just the symptoms.

Does Pain Keep You From Doing The Things You Enjoy?

We get it. Chronic pain affects everything and everyone in your life.
From simply getting a good night's sleep to enjoying your family and the activities you love,
It's a heavy burden that seems to have no solution.

Las Vegas Sports Massage Therapy can help!

  • Back Pain

  • Head / Neck Pain

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Knee Pain

  • Hip Pain

  • Sports Injuries

  • Range Of Motion Pain

  • Loss of Flexibility

  • Full Body Pain

  • Old / Recent Injuries

  • Persistent Pain

  • Loss of Mobility

  • Arthritis Pain

  • Ankle / Foot Pain

  • Migraines

3 Keys to Freeing Yourself from Chronic Pain

  • Key #1 Find the Root Causes of Your Pain

    An updated understanding of the how the body operates allows us to focus on the true cause of your physical pain. Pain killers, surgery and injections don't address the reasons why you are still in pain. We will focus on the root causes of your pain.

  • Key #2: New Therapies That Address Root Causes

    We specialize in therapies that address the real reasons why your body is not clearing itself of pain. We find and handle your body's specific underlying root causes of pain, so it doesn't come back.

  • Key #3: Teamwork and Commitment

    Our team is committed and trained to guide you through a personalized plan to get the results you deserve and help you achieve a pain-free and active lifestyle.



What is Fascia?

Fascia is all the connective tissue that forms the largest system in your body, surrounding and connecting all your bones, muscles, nerves and organs. It is a complex and interconnected network of various types of tissue that extends from head to toe, all throughout your body. Everything in the body is affected by fascia, the muscles, bones, nerves, organs all the way down to a cellular level. Yet fascia is completely ignored by current medicine.

What Causes Fascial Stress?

Fascial Stress occurs when your body is subjected to injuries, illness, emotional trauma, poor posture, everyday stress and repetitive movement that causes your body's structure and function to go out of balance.

This causes the fascia in an local area to constrict and tighten down to protect that area. As we age or become less active, the body becomes less resilient to stress and instead of fully recovering, the damaged fascia fibers thicken and eventually form knots and larger areas of stuck and solidified fascia tissue (adhesions) in order to protect the underlying muscles, bones and organs.

Massage Therapy Las Vegas NV Fascia
Massage Therapy Las Vegas NV Chronic Pain

How Fascial Stress Causes Chronic Pain

As Fascial Stress gets worse, it solidifies into masses or knots, which creates a straitjacket effect in a local area, as the fascia tightens down and shortens local muscle tissues. This reduces mobility and causes imbalances that the body must compensate for to maintain functional balance (to not fall over). This creates more fascia stress and sets the body up for more injuries.

Chronic pain is primarily caused by a long-term build up of Fascial System Stress that leads to structural imbalances in the body that in turn create unresolved compensation patterns. This creates a viscous cycle that adds more and more Fascial Stress to the system and eventually leads to chronic pain.

For example, the Fascia Stress built up from an old injury to your leg's hamstring muscle causes your hips to rotate and tilt backwards. This causes your left shoulder to rotate forward to keep you from falling backwards. If your shoulder remains stuck in that position, it will eventually cause pain (or a new injury) in your shoulders or back. But your shoulder was not the source of the pain - the cause was Fascia Stress in your hamstring muscle.

Your 4-Step Plan to a Pain-Free Life

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Reclaim Your Life Today


  • Find The Root Causes of Your Pain

  • Finally free yourself of chronic pain

  • Rapid Injury Recovery

  • Optimize Range of Motion

  • Improve Sports Performance

  • 1

    Free Consultation

    We start with a thorough
    assessment of your body's
    structural imbalances,
    fascial stress and the
    root causes of your pain.

  • 2

    Customized Plan

    Based on our analysis and
    your objectives, we design
    a personalized plan to get
    you out of pain as quickly
    as possible and for life.

  • 3

    Work Together

    Our team is committed to
    working with you and to
    getting the results you want
    so you get your life back.

  • 4

    Enjoy Results

    We will find and work on
    the root causes of your pain
    so you get the results and
    finally live a pain-free life.