Fascia Bodywork:

The Key to Pain-Free Mobility

Fascia bodywork is a true breakingthrough in natural pain relief, because it identifies and releases the areas of long-term fascial system stress that is the underlying cause of your body's structural imbalances, loss of functional mobility and persistent pain.

How it Works:

When we release your body's long-held fascial system stress, it turns on a myriad of amazing healing and rebalancing mechanisms in the both the local treated area and in your whole body. This eliminates the body's need to compensate (which caused more imbalances in other areas of the body) and allows your body to restore structural alignment, strength and mobility required to heal and live pain-free.



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Benefits of Fascia Bodywork

Fascia Bodywork is a very personal process, so every client's experience is different. Benefits vary, but here the most common benefits reported by our clients.

  • Acute & Chronic Pain Relief

  • Improved Sleep and Relaxation

  • Feelings of Lightness and Fluidity

  • More Daily Energy And Zest

  • Greater Flexibility

  • Taller And Slimmer Appearance

  • Better Athletic Performance

  • Improved Injury Prevention

  • Healthy Alternative To Surgery

  • Improved Range of Motion

  • Better Balance And Coordination

  • Increased Breathing Capacity

  • Slimming Of Arms And Legs

  • Reduced Tissue Inflammation

  • Reduced Fluid Retention

  • Greater Self-Confidence

  • Gaining Up To 1-Inch In Height

Fascia Bodywork
Two Therapeutic Programs
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  • Fascia Pain Relief Program

    This is a customized therapeutic program that handles the specific areas of your body that have the most acute pain and loss of functional mobility. We use a variety of fascial and muscle release techniques to eliminate chronic fascial system stress, tension and knots (adhesion) that are causing the specific areas of pain and dysfunction in your body.

    This tailored program is how most clients start, typically requiring one Terapy session per week for 4 to 6 weeks. It's the most effective way to quickly reduce fascial systems stress, alleviate pain and to prepare the body for receiving the ten-session series of Fascial Whole-Body Integration.

  • Whole-Body Fascia Integration Program

    Our specialty is a ten-session series Fascia Bodywork, that unravels and unwinds the dysfunctional connective tissue (fascia) throughout your entire body. Our systematic approach changes the body's holding patterns by lengthening and reorganizing the fascia, ultimately putting the body back in a more neutral and balanced state so you can move again with more flexibility, strength and mobility and without pain for the rest of your life.

    Whole-Body Integration restores the body's natural balancing and compensation patterns that have been altered by shortened muscles and widespread fascial system stress in the body. By lengthening and opening the patterns in the fascia surrounding the muscles, the thick and shortened tissue becomes soft and more pliable, which allows your muscles the space to work and gives joints freedom to function with optimal range of motion. This process includes re-educating the muscles of the body through movement and touch to restore postural alignment and balance between the body and gravity.

What is Fascia?
  • Fascia is the largest, most complex and most important system in your body. It is the tissue that connects and surrounds the bones, muscles, nerves and organs in the body. Fascia is a complex web that binds, supports, connects and separates all the regions of the body. It literally holds your body together. Fascia's appearance varies depending on its location and function. Much of i is right under your skin and looks like a spider web or yarn in a sweater. Where it connects to the joints or bones, it can look much different, like a densely woven bed sheet or cloth.

    Your body's fascia forms one continuous structure from head to toe. This is important to understand, because the chronic pain in Las Vegas you feel in one area of your body is usually the result of damaged or stressed fascia in completely different area of the body.

The Profound Effect of Gravity On Your Body
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  • Gravity has a profound influence on the body's structure because the body must constantly maintain a balanced (neutral) position against the forces of gravity. Maintaining a balanced position in the body is crucial because the body is much broader at the top than at the base, so the body is greatly affected by gravity when imbalances occur. For the body to remain upright when fascia stress occurs, the entire body has to compensate, and some muscles are forced to shorten. When a chronically shortened muscle is no able to relax, it remains in a state of chronic tension. 

How Fascial System Stress Leads to Chronic Pain
  • Normal, healthy fascia is about 75% water, allowing for a very fluid and dynamic interaction with connected muscles, joints and bones. Its primary action is a sliding or gliding motion that occurs with each breath you take and every move you make.

    Fascia contains a survival mechanism that evolved to protect the vital organs, tissues and systems from various types of threats to the body. When the body encounters an illness or suffers and injury, emotional trauma, or other types of stress, it causes the fascia in that area to constrict and tighten to protect the tissues or organs of that area.

    Over time, stress in your fascia builds up and can solidify into masses or knots. These knots and tightening down causes the local muscle tissues to shorten, which causes pain and reduces functional integrity, balance and mobility. 

    What was once a well-hydrated, smooth-sliding fluid action between the fascia and surrounding tissue becomes dehydrated, rigid fibers or knots that restrict movement.

    The stress and rigidity in your fascia cause an imbalance your body compensates for in other areas of the body. For example, fascia stress in your hamstring muscles can cause your hips to rotate backward, which then causes your shoulders to tilt forward.

    This imbalance eventually causes pain or injury to your shoulder or back.

    So, the cause of your shoulder or back pain was not in your shoulder or back. It came from accumulated fascia stress in your hamstring muscles. This is why a back massage might feel good for a day or two, but it will never fix the problem of....

  • One very important type of fascial tissue is called "Fascial Tracks", which are like sheets of different thickness that connect parts of the body in very specific patters (see below).

    Imagine you put on a dress shirt and you pulled on the collar. Every part of that shirt will move and be affected in some way. That's exactly how your fascia and especially facial tracks work, its all connected.

    Consider the hamstring example described above and look at the Fascial Track image below that shows how the foot, hamstrings, hips, back, neck and head are all connected. Now can you see why an injury and fascial stress in the back of your leg (hamstring) can lead to chronic pain in your shoulders? It could also cause pain in your hips, knees, shoulders, back or even in your head or neck! It's all connected.

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