Postural Re-Patterning in Las Vegas

Massage Therapy in Las Vegas NV Re-patterning

The muscles of your body have an intelligence and memory. When you ride a bike, swing a baseball bat or skip a rope, your muscles remember. Each time you repeat the exact same action, it reinforces the memory and it becomes easier to do the next time.

In the same way, your body’s muscles remember how you walk, sit and move in daily life. Those patterns get grooved into your muscle memory, so you don’t have to think about it, the body just does it from memory.

Unfortunately, there is a downside to muscle memory. The body holds and locks into the muscle pattern of your bad habits of slouching in an office chair 8 hours a day or lifting weights with bad posture or any repetitive movements, good or bad.

When your daily movements are not balanced with gravity and good posture, over time they create severe fascia stress that inevitably cause chronic pain and injury in Las Vegas.

The good news is your muscles are very smart. They can be re-educated through our hands-on and hands-off postural therapies, which are part of every program at Structural Body Therapies.




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